PRP Hair Restoration

PRP Hair Restoration is natural, safe, effective, and affordable! We provide the most cutting-edge PRP Hair Restoration treatments for hair loss and hair thinning right here in Savannah.

Get to Know the Most Common Reasons for Hair Loss

There is permanent or temporary hair loss. Permanent hair loss is when a hair falls out and instead or growing a new one in its place, the hair follicle dies and scar tissue replaces the new hair growth.  In cases of hormonal related hair loss or chemotherapy, the hair will normally grow back once the condition is over.

  • Medical Conditions: Thyroid Disease and Autoimmune Disease
  • Nutrition Disorders: anemia, protein or vitamin deficiency
  • Hormonal: Pregnancy or Menopause
  • Severe Stress or Telogen Effluvium
  • Lesions to the Scalp

All Natural

PRP is an all-natural product, has no side effects, and there is no chance of rejection.


& No Downtime

This is an outpatient, minimally invasive procedure with no downtime. You will be back to your normal daily routine the same day.

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Amazing Results

The hair has different phases of growth. Therefore in order to effectively promote hair growth, a series of injections are needed every 4-6 weeks. In addition, hormonal, medical, and nutritional disorders should be addressed to ensure continued healthy growth.

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